Seguro que has estudiado phrasal verbs en todos los cursos de inglés a los que has asistido, ¿verdad? Los ingleses los usamos continuamente, quizá más en situaciones informales que cuando escribimos algo más formal, pero es difícil evitar escucharlos o leerlos en diferentes situaciones. La mayoría de mis alumnos en Talking with Cambridge House  los temen porque hay muchos, pero les digo que la mejor manera de aprenderlos es por temas y luego aplicándolos a tu vida personal –si puedes utilizarlos hablando de tu propia experiencia es mucho más fácil recordarlos-.

Vamos a ver algunos que se usan en el ámbito del trabajo. A ver si te suena alguno. ☺

Phrasal verb             Meaning                                                             Example


Back up Make a copy of something. Dont forget to back up your files.
Bring forward Move to an earlier date or time. Can we bring forward the interview?
Call off Cancel My meeting has been called off.
Close down Stop doing business. The warehouse has closed down.
Contract out Get work done elsewhere. We contracted out our cyber security.
Down size To reduce. We plan to downsize to cut costs
Draw up Prepare a document or plan. Plans have been drawn up for new offices.
Fall through Not happen as planned. Let’s hope the deal doesn’t fall through.
Fill in (for) Replace somebody at work. filled in for Sarah when she was ill.
Get away with  To not have to pay any                                                                                            consequences for sthg They got away with corruption
Get down to          To start work on sthg.                                                                       We need to get down to some hard work now. 
Lay off Terminate employment The company plans to lay off 500 employees.
Pencil in Note a provisional date or time. The meeting is pencilled in for 11 am next Friday..
Phase out Gradually stop Some companies have decided to phase out using fossil fuels.
Pull out of Withdraw from an agreement One of the companies has just pulled out of the deal.
Report back (to someone) Give some information to someone Report back to me when you finish please.
Sell off Sell all or part of a business. The company is selling off several areas.
Sign up Agree to something by signing I’ve signed up for a masters’ course.
Be snowed under Have too much work to do I’m snowed under at work these days.
Step down Leave a job to someone else Ms James stepped down as CEO last year.
Work up To get promotion by working hard She worked her way up through the company to senior director.
Work out                      to discover We worked out the real meaning for the change

En el mundo del trabajo, como ves, los phrasal verbs son muy utilizados. Si los aprendes y los usas bien, vas a impresionar favorablemente a tu jefe y compañeros de trabajo ☺ 

Ahora te toca a ti intentar usarlos en el contexto de tu trabajo.

Good luck and go for it!