Hoy vamos a conocer a Maggie, profesora de clases en Talking with Cambridge House.

How long have you been working in Talking and can you describe the type of classes you give?

I’ve been working at Talking for just over two years and I give the conversation classes.


Where do you live?

I live in Johannesburg, Sunny South Africa.


What’s a normal work day like for you in CH?

The very first thing I excitedly do every day is check who I will be teaching for that day.  I familiarise myself with the topics and check the vocabulary.  The best part of my day is when I am in class with the students and guiding them in their progress.

La primera cosa que hago, con mucho entusiasmo, es ver a quien tengo en clase ese día. Leo los temas y chequeo el vocabulario. La mejor parte de mi día es cuando estoy en clase con los alumnos, guiando su progreso.


What’s the best part of your teaching job?

I love watching a student succeed.  I do a little celebratory dance every time a student “gets it”.  Nothing is more pleasing than working with students, watching them grow and celebrate their progress with them.

Me encanta ver como progresa un alumno. Hago un pequeño baile de alegría cuando veo que un alumno ha “pillado” algo. No hay nada mejor que trabajar con alumnos, verles crecer y celebrar su progreso con ellos.  


Can you tell us something about the 30 – minute speaking English classes?

The students absolutely love the 30-minute speaking classes. They are real winners and according to many students the best thing about this platform.

A los alumnos les encantan las clases orales de 30 minutos. Son muy buenas y según muchos de mis alumnos son la mejor cosa de esta plataforma. 


Why do you enjoy teaching English?

I’m a natural born teacher (and learner) and I love sharing my knowledge with others.  Knowledge is power and it can never be taken away from you.

Soy un profe nato (y alumno también) y me encanta compartir lo que sé con otros. El conocimiento es poder y nunca te lo pueden quitar. 


What aspect of English do you think you would find most difficult to learn if you were Spanish and just a beginner to the language?

If I were Spanish and learning to speak English, I’d find prepositions and phrasal verbs the most difficult thing to learn. 

Si fuera yo española y aprendiendo inglés, vería las preposiciones y phrasal verbs lo más dificil para aprender.  


Describe the qualities you think a student needs to learn English well. 

A positive attitude, a willingness to learn and most importantly patience and then some more.

Una actitud positive, las ganas de aprender y sobre todo mucha paciencia.


What’s the difference in time between South Africa and Spain?

Right now, South Africa and Spain are in the same time zone but that will change in winter which will then make South Africa an hour ahead of Spain.

Ahora mismo Sud África y España están con la misma hora pero esto cambiará en el invierno cuando Sud África estará a una hora por delante de España.


Have ever visited Spain?

Yes, I visited Barcelona in 2007 and I absolutely loved the city, its people and especially the food.  My mother was born in Barcelona so the city has a very special place in my heart.


What languages do you speak?

I speak English, Afrikaans (a South African language and the youngest in the world), Portuguese, a little Zulu (an indigenous South African language) and ‘baby-level’ Spanish (mi español es muy malo ☺). 


How come you speak English?

English is an official South African language, and I went to an English-speaking school.


Can you tell us something about life in Johannesburg?

With a population of nearly six million people, Johannesburg is the biggest city in South Africa and also its economic hub.  The city is a vibrant melting pot with a large mix of different cultures.  It also has the best weather in the world and we love to be outdoors especially at a barbeque (“braai” in South Africa) which is almost equivalent to a national sport.  It’s nearly spring and soon the city will be painted purple by the many Jacaranda trees. 

Con una población de casi 6 millones de personas, Johannesburgo es la ciudad más grande de Sud África y también es su capital económica. La ciudad es una mezcla de nacionalidades con muchas culturas diferentes. Tiene el mejor clima del mundo y no s encanta estar fuera, sobre todo en barbacoas- casi un deporte nacional. Ahora es casi primavera y pronto veremos la ciudad pintada de color morado con la cantidad de árboles jacaranda que hay.

Have a look:


That sounds lovely Maggie – thanks so much for your time and keep on enjoying teaching ☺.